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Macleod Machinery

Having operated Telehandlers and 360 slews, for over 25 years, I have noticed that a lot of time and money is wasted, with company's changing several operators on many occasions for various reasons, this often results in projects falling behind.

We believe at Macleod Machinery getting the right operator at the start of any job, is vital to any project as they play a key role to maintaining safety, working well with others and keeping projects to the correct schedule. Macleod Machinery can offer yous a service that can provide yous with the correct plant for the task, and the best safe operators, we have built up a team of very safe, competent blue Cpcs card holders, who have many years experience within this sector, they also have a good knowledge of maintaining these machines, so they can work to the best of their capacity, meaning less breakdown, saving time and money. We have a great working relationship with all our clients, and regularly visit sites to make sure our high standards are maintained.

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